This is a Navigation room that contains WhiteSamurai's rough translations that he creates to read Web Novels and Light novels.

These are generally very rough translations that are either difficult to read or otherwise not edited. These are only here for those that are interested in an above average Machine Translation.

This is specifically stated because this is only here for those who are interested. There will be many works already picked up by translation teams, as such, White personally holds no responsibility nor dedication to work on these projects in full professional status under the Pacem name. If you find the quality of the works located in this specific region of the Pacem Hub, please support the actual translation group responsible for said series. Saying such, no links to actual translation groups will be provided. The reason is due to any previous chapters already translated by the translation group will not be added to the lists. The rough translation will not be removed after the standing translation group has reached the point in the novel, but chapters already completed by the translation group by the time will as stated, never be listed.

Requests for when a specific novel under this page will be updated will only be responded to with "Whenever I feel like it." This is not to be rude, but to further the point that this is a personal service for White and not specifically for the community. Someone's whims are their's alone and thus cannot be controlled by others.

Only novels White holds interest in will be present in this location, no requests will be accepted. Suggestions for interesting novels, however, are always appreciated but can be rejected. English RAWs for WhiteSamurai's professional projects will also be found here if they are done by him personally.

The following is classified as [Fan Fiction] due to the high risk of inaccuracies and lack of professional editing. Viewer's discretion is advised.