A WhiteSamurai Original

There are always the mysterious tales of heroes, those who fight against the Demons, who fight for justice and those who head mighty quests against tyranny. Heroes that are born to destiny, Heroes that are forged through tragedy, and Heroes that are brought to the world in times of peril and strife. But what would happen if the Hero that was summoned wasn't needed? To not only say this, but the Hero wasn't even summoned and suddenly appeared within a Royal Palace, a girl no less. This is the tale of a Hero, a Hero, that no one ever asked for, but always needed.

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[Nameless Hero]

Nameless Heroes
Season 1

NH Prologue

NH Chapter 1 - NH Chapter 2 - NH Chapter 3 - NH Chapter 4 - NH Chapter 5

NH Chapter 6 - NH Chapter 7 - NH Chapter 8 - NH Chapter 9 - NH Chapter 10

NH Chapter 11 - NH Chapter 12 - NH Chapter 13 - NH Chapter 14 - NH Chapter 15

NH Chapter 16 - NH Chapter 17 - NH Chapter 18 - NH Chapter 19 - NH Chapter 20

NH Chapter 21 - NH Chapter 22 - NH Chapter 23 - NH Chapter 24 - [Cancelled Run]

Legend of the Nameless Hero
Season 1

LoNH Prologue

LoNH Chapter 1 - LoNH Chapter 2 - LoNH Chapter 3 - LoNH Chapter 4 - LoNH Chapter 5

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