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In time, the Beings of Light descended from the heavens, and gave birth to the life of the world. This new life came to be called the Twenty Three great beings. From them, each race was created and life began. After several centuries, one day the Beings of Light disappeared. In their place, a body of light appeared in the sky, this orb was given the name 'Sun'. Despair filled the hearts of every species and with the coming weeks, sorrow turned to anger and blame. For over a millennium, these races waged war against one another. As their populations grew from hundreds to thousands, from thousands to millions, and from millions to billions for every species, the battles grew to even greater heights. The true reason of why the Beings of Light disappeared was never discovered, and the reasons for war turned from sorrow to greed and pride. Every being on the planet began to only live for war. It was during this time that the world was basked in a warmth, a light from the entity in the sky, the final gift from the Beings of Light. An energy was received by all, this energy could be manipulated in many ways, this energy was referred to as one's soul. At the same time, 25 children were born, one to each race, but three were born to the race known only as, Human kind. These children were of the same mother, the same blood.

Our story, begins with the actions of these three children.










But these are only the Genre's for the Prologue, the list expands more or less with every season.

Prologue Season 1 Season 2
Chapter 1 P Chapter 1 S1 Chapter 1 S2
Chapter 2 P Chapter 2 S1 Chapter 2 S2
Chapter 3 P Chapter 3 S1 Chapter 3 S2
Chapter 4 P Chapter 4 S1 Chapter 4 S2
Chapter 5 P Chapter 5 S1 Chapter 5 S2
Chapter 6 P Chapter 6 S1 Chapter 6 S2
Chapter 7 P Chapter 7 S1 Chapter 7 S2
Chapter 8 P Chapter 8 S1 Chapter 8 S2
Chapter 9 P Chapter 9 S1 Chapter 9 S2
Chapter 10 P Chapter 10 S1 Chapter 10 S2
Chapter 11 P Chapter 11 S1 Chapter 11 S2
Chapter 12 P Chapter 12 S1 Chapter 12 S2
Chapter 13 P Chapter 13 S1 Chapter 13 S2
Chapter 14 P Chapter 14 S1 Chapter 14 S2
Chapter 15 P Chapter 15 S1 Chapter 15 S2
Chapter 16 P Chapter 16 S1 Chapter 16 S2
Chapter 17 P Chapter 17 S1 Chapter 17 S2
Chapter 18 P Chapter 18 S1 Chapter 18 S2
Chapter 19 P Chapter 19 S1 Chapter 19 S2
Chapter 20 P Chapter 20 S1 Chapter 20 S2
Chapter 21 P Chapter 21 S1 Chapter 21 S2
Chapter 22 P Chapter 22 S1 Chapter 22 S2
Chapter 23 P Chapter 23 S1 Chapter 23 S2
Chapter 24 P Chapter 24 S1 Chapter 24 S2
Chapter 25 P Chapter 25 S1 Chapter 25 S2
Chapter 26 P Chapter 26 S1 Chapter 26 S2
Chapter 27 P Chapter 27 S1 Chapter 27 S2
Chapter 28 P Chapter 28 S1 Chapter 28 S2
Chapter 29 P Chapter 29 S1 Chapter 29 S2
Chapter 30 P Chapter 30 S1 Chapter 30 S2
Chapter 31 P Chapter 31 S1 Chapter 31 S2
Chapter 32 P Chapter 32 S1 Chapter 32 S2