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In a world unknown, in a year unknown, there exists "The Company". It has been many years since war and strife have been quelled after The Company, using their financial and political might toppled the world's governments one by one for "The Unification". Over the years, The Company released a game called "Death's Triumph", a game where every player holds the power over the dead, where players could conquer castles, forge undead empires, and conquer the world. The game quickly became the world's number one PC game of all time with well over sixty percent of the world's citizens playing it on a daily basis. The release of "Death's Second Triumph" came with a new release in technology, the Virtual Interphasing Mechanation Device. It's function was to become a "Second Brain", taking the full consciousness of a person, and transferring it into the game world. The idea was an instant crash hit as money earned through taxation could be transferred into real life, nullifying the need for work in a world that was quickly becoming more and more automated by machines and computers. Hundreds of years past and new titles were released and played as much of humanity outside The Company took to the second world, leaving their past reality behind. It is now five hundred years since the release of "Death's Triumph" and The Company has announced the next stage in virtual development, the "Full Dive". Materializing the human body, they can take the consciousness and body into the virtual world, allowing for all senses. As a celebration of the first "Death's Triumph", The Company selected 30,000 people at random to join in a special game. Those selected would be pitted to a battle of supremacy through their powers over death and become supreme. Those who become the remaining ten participants would have access to their next big game which is a complete world surrounding what they called "The Starting Island". Being given books with the basic spells over death, each participant was, one by one, sent to this new world, only to find that there was no status, no health bar, no mana bar, and no restrictions to leave the island. Regardless, the participants began their game of conquest and death. Spawns became great sites of death and chaos as hundreds were killed and raised as undead warriors. Only, after a few hours of a total battle royal, people began to realize something was off, that they weren't simply running out of hp and dying, they were slowly bleeding out, their eyes growing dark, the white light at the end. This was real. What happens next?

Death's Only Adventure
Season 1

DOA Prologue

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