A WhiteSamurai Original

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It is the year 2092, and WhiteSamurai along with one of his life long compatriots finally fell victim to World War 3. This is a tale of all tales. Of when the two most insane minds came together to request a single life's wish.

What would you ask for if the summation of your entire life lead to being granted a single wish. What would happen if you were beyond that immortality or great wealth, choosing something simple yet grand. This is a tale of one such time, in one such place that this one wish was granted. All life will one day come to an end, for it is the nature of life to be recycled and slowly burn out. What happens at the end is always subject to debate, but in this instance, let's just imagine it goes like this...

Canceled by WhiteSamurai

Season 1 "A Life's Wish"
SA Chapter 1