Since I was unable to complete the prologue due to preparations for my two week vacation with no internet, I have decided to at least share the doc where it is at.

Do know that I am actually working on changing quite a bit of this, and even some of the events currently on the doc aren't still remaining on my current up-to-date version. The only reason this is the piece that i'm handing out is because the current version i'm working on is no longer in functional reading order.

I'll be periodically writing at night for the duration of my vacation time, so whenever I end up heading back into town, i'll see about releasing the chapters. I can't say that I have a prefered series in mind, though I'm hoping to be writing ATR the first week and NH for the second week, but that's all up to how things go.


Read at your own risk. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Believe it or not, seeing one or two comments greatly increases my desire to write, but if there isn't anything there after two weeks, I'll probably drink myself silly in Coke Cola ^^'